Having been voted "Most Humorous Guy" by the ELeanor McMain Secondary High SchooL graduating cLass of 2003, DC has aLways been a naturaL comedian, but got his start at standup comedy at open mics in New OrLeans during 2014. It didn't take Long before DC was booking and hosting shows aLL around the city of New OrLeans, and soon aLL around the southern region. His voice and comedic timing earned him a weekLy radio show on WBOK 1230AM in 2017, which birthed TheMisbeLief RadioShow Podcast. Today, DC can be seen performing at or hosting comedy, burLesque, music, spoken word, and fashion shows every week. The seLf-procLaimed "MiLLenniaL Arsenio" is definiteLy werking for the titLe, so expect his to transition into teLevision in the very near future.